Chairman  anouncement,

The Pan-Hellenic Hansen's Contact  of which it hapens to be Chairman for 12 years, represents this moment about 450 curing of Hansen's disease, per Greece. Aim of our Association is as it is also reported in his statute :

* Enlighten the society and it moves the interest of this in favour the patients
* Serve materially also intellectual interests of Hansen's and it fights against the biases of past
* Watch to fullstop of illness per the world studies and inventions
* Seek within authorities the improvement of place of these and their families
* See to more generally in favour the interests of Association

The resources of our Contact are the subscriptions of his members and the annual subsidy of ESAmeA, which is the secondary body in which we belong. Our Association was founded in 1947 and his seat is int o T.H.P. D. A. in Saint Barbara (Athens). For more information you wander in our site.

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Consider that the illness of Hansen is:

Does exist social bias with regard to the illness of Hansen?

Πιστεύετε ότι η πολιτεία έχοντας ψηφίσει τον Νόμο 1137/81 έχει βοηθήσει ώστε να χαθεί η προκατάληψη και οι χανσενικοί να αισθάνονται ισότιμα μέλη της κοινωνίας

Πιστεύετε ότι το οστεοφυλάκιο και η μαρμάρινη στήλη στη Σπιναλόγκα είναι ένα αξιόλογο έργο και αποτελεί φόρο τιμής στους αποθανόντες χανσενικούς:


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